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General Terms

By “signing up” on the web site Friendscall.com and all subdomains (“Friendscall.com”), you agree to be legally bound by and fully observe all the terms and conditions of usage listed below and any other terms and conditions we may add in the future. If you do not agree to the above, you cannot use this website and you should now leave. You agree to check this webpage from to time to see if we have added or deleted any conditions from our Terms of Service statement.

Language & Etiquette

The website is available in the following language(s): EN. You agree not to use vulgar, profane, hateful, offensive or obscene language, exploit a minor in any way, use sexist, racial, homophobic, religious or sexually offensive language, discuss illegal activity, harass, threaten, embarrass or say anything to another Friendscall.com user either by text or voice that might be consider offensive and/or illegal. Thus, by signing up to Friendscall.com, you accept that if you act in any manner described above, your account maybe suspended or terminated with immediate effect and without any notice. Please see all our above guidelines regarding etiquette.


You agree not to use the Friendscall.com site to sell or promote any product or commercial enterprise (profit or non profit). You agree you will be solely and entirely responsible for what you say through text messages or through voice discussions to other users of Friendscall.com. You understand and agree that there may be moderators checking and ensuring that your behavior and the behavior of all users on Friendscall.com comply with our Terms of Service.

Minimum Age

You must be over 18 to use Friendscall.com or over the age of majority in your country. By using Friendscall.com you are expressly stating that you are in fact 18 years of age or older. We under no circumstances allow or encourage in any way minors to use or view our website and services. If you are in fact under 18 years old, we strongly request you not to sign up or view our website. You should know that if we do have suspicions a profile represents a person who is in fact a minor, we will immediately erase such a profile from Friendscall.com. Furthermore, any other sign up attempts from the same IP address or email address may be blocked in the future.


The possibility exists that you may hear and/or see offensive, inaccurate, false or otherwise undesirable and/or illegal content of other users while using Friendscall.com. If another Friendscall.com user offends you in any way, you should click the “report abuse” button available on various pages of the website and tell us what happened. We will then as soon as practically possible take appropriate action depending on the specific situation. You also have other options to protect yourself whilst using Friendscall.com such as blocking other individual users and/or removing them from your MYLIKE lists. Please use them whenever required and immediately inform us on any such inappropriate behavior or content.

User Liability for Content

You acknowledge and agree that the company Keyzone Group Ltd. with its principle place of business at 16 Zenas Kanther, Karantoki Building, Office number 25, Nicosia, Post Code 1065, Cyprus , the owner of Friendscall.com together with its affiliates, and/or partners (advertisers, other service providers, etc.) disclaim any and all responsibility or liability for the content made available through the site Friendscall.com by its users and for users’ usage of services of such entities on Friendscall.com. You agree to hold us totally harmless and you agree to assume any and all risk and liability in connection with your use of Friendscall.com services. You also agree that under no circumstances will any of the abovementioned legal entities be held liable, in any way, for any damages resulting from the posting, distribution and dissemination or otherwise by making available, communicating or transmitting any message or call directly to you or to other users of Friendscall.com. Although we impose rules for user conduct, we do not control or direct our users' actions on Friendscall.com and are not responsible for the content or information they convey. As such, we are not responsible for any offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful content or information you may encounter on Friendscall.com, although we will use our best endeavors to eliminate it as soon as practically possible after we become aware of such content. We remind you that, at all times when using Friendscall.com, you are under the obligation to respect other persons’ rights and you are forbidden to transmit information that might infringe the legitimate rights of others or might violate the law.

Privacy and security settings

At Friendscall.com, the privacy of our visitors is of great importance to us. After signing up to Friendscall.com, users are given various opportunities to 'opt-out' of receiving e-mail alerts, notifications and/or newsletters from us or our partners. Users who no longer wish to receive such communications may opt-out of receiving them by clicking the corresponding options on the “Privacy Settings” control page of the site. Friendscall.com users may freely choose to allow or not their profile to be shown through other websites such as Google and Facebook. All users may at any time and at their exclusive choice delete their account on Friendscall.com using the “Delete” button on the “Privacy Settings” page whereby all their profile information will be deleted. Users of Friendscall.com will be notified if their information is being collected by any other third party and on the scope of such processing operations. In such case, users will be required to consent or not to such a data transfer. We do this so our users can make an informed choice as to whether or not they should proceed with services that involve a third party. Please read our entire “Privacy Policy” and make yourself familiar with your rights, the way we collect and use your personal information, as well as with the entities to which we may disclose such information and for what purposes, and for finding out what security measures we take to safeguard your information against possible misuse or unauthorized access.

Privacy Recommendations

We advise you to use your common sense when using Friendscall.com. Be careful with information you publicly share with other persons. You should not reveal or otherwise make available in any manner to other Friendscall.com users personal information about yourself such as your real addresses, real telephone number, credit card numbers, health data or even your real name. You acknowledge and understand that we do not verify the real life identity of Friendscall.com users and therefore you should not assume other users are actually “who they say they are.”

User Responsibility for Billing

You understand and agree to assume responsibility for all costs required for using any of the paid services on Friendscall.com as well as any Internet access costs to use the web site. If you use “telephone billing”, you agree and undertake to check with your telephone provider to determine if calling the Friendscall.com access number is a local or long distance call. You understand and accept that calling, at your own choice, these Friendscall.com numbers may result in a toll charge to your phone bill and you are directly liable for such charges; hence, it is entirely your responsibility to verify what these charges may be before calling the Friendscall.com access numbers.

Log Files

Like many other web sites, Friendscall.com makes use of log files. The information inside the log files includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date/time stamp, referring/exit pages and number of clicks to analyze trends, to administer the site, to track user’s movement around the site and to gather demographic information for improving users’ experience with Friendscall.com services. Note that IP addresses and other such information are not linked to any information that is personally identifiable (meaning that such information does not reveal us your real name or identity).

Cookies and Web Beacons

In order to make Friendscall.com function properly and improve your experience with Friendscall.com, we place small data files on your computer, known as cookies. Most websites and Internet service providers use them for helping the web site remember the user’s settings. We use such cookies to store information about visitor preferences, to record user-specific information (e.g. pages the user accesses or visits), to customize web page content based on visitor’s browser type or other information that the visitor sends via their browser. You should also know that some of our partners (for instance, advertisers) may use their own cookies and web beacons on the Friendscall.com site, but they do not have access to our cookies. We encourage you to also review their privacy policies and see your choices. You acknowledge that prior to first signing up to Friendscall.com, we have provided you with clear and comprehensive information on our cookies and the type of your data they might collect and you further have freely given us your informed consent for storing such cookies on your computer. You may at any time revoke such consent, delete the cookies we already placed on your computer and set the browser to block them. However, your account with Friendscall.com would not function at its outmost in the absence of such cookies. We do not use cookies for any other purposes than those already presented in this Terms of Service statement and our Privacy Policy.

Account Termination

If you do not observe the content of this Terms of Service statement or you create any risk or possible legal exposure for us, we reserve our right to stop providing any Friendscall.com services to you and unilaterally terminate your account. We will notify you regarding such termination by email or on the first time you attempt to re-access your account.


Any dispute you may have with us arising out of or relating to this Terms of Service statement, our Privacy Policy and/or to the Friendscall.com site will be settled by competent courts in Nicosia, Cyprus. If anyone brings a claim against us related to any of your actions on Friendscall.com, you hereby agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind related to such a claim.


References to “we”, “our” or “us” mean Friendsall.com, Keyzone Company Limited, Keyzone Group or their affiliates, as appropriate. We provide Friendscall.com without any express or implied warranties. We do not guarantee that the site will always be safe, secure or error-free or that it will always function without disruptions or delays. Also, we are not responsible for the actions or information of third parties. Hence, you release us, our directors, employees and/or agents from any claims and damages, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with any claim you have against any such third parties. Our aggregate liability arising out of this Terms of Service statement and our Privacy Policy will not exceed 200 Euro, while being limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. You may also want to review our Privacy Policy and Privacy Settings which provide additional information about your use of Friendscall.com.

Terms and Conditions with respect to paid content

Users will be charged for being connected by voice call to profiles selected by the user. The charging will be through the user's telephone bill or credit balance. This can be in form of a one-time payment or a subscription. Users that want to unsubcribe can do so by navigating to the respsective URL or by sending SMS to the repsective shortcode with the respsective keyword.All details can be found in below table. If user need assistance they can send an E-Mail to support@friendscall.com

Orange (Egypt)

Service Cost is 5 EGP per week for Orange.
You will subscribe in Friendscall for 5 EGP per week. To cancel your subscription, for Orange subscribers please send CANCELFC to 5030. To cancel from the site please go to m.friendscall.com and login with your credentials, Then click on this URL. For any inquires please contact us on support@friendscall.com.

Vodafone (Egypt)

Service Cost is 5 EGP per week for Vodafone.
You will subscribe in Friendscall for 5 EGP per week. To cancel your subscription, for Vodafone subscribers please send CANCELFC to 6699. To cancel from the site please go to m.friendscall.com and login with your credentials, Then click on this URL. For any inquires please contact us on support@friendscall.com.
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